Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free food? Mmmm…. Thanks But No Thanks.

"The trouble with eating Italian food is that 
five or six days later you're hungry again." 
~George Miller

Lately I have been working on eating more mindfully and being fully present while I eat. No cell phones, books (this is a hard one for me), emails or other distractions. I try to eat slowly and be in the moment.

I have been working on developing a more healthy diet over the last several years and this is the most recent development in that quest.

Recently I discovered something interesting about my eating habits as a result.

Once a month or so around crunch time at work the bosses buy the whole department lunch and sometimes dinner for anyone who chooses to work late. Last week we had Italian food of the nasty, overly cheesy greasy type and as usual I partook in full.

I didn’t really enjoy the food, but I ate a full plate anyway. I felt gross and lethargic for the rest of the day (probably the opposite response the bosses were hoping for). Afterwards I found myself wondering, why did I do that? Why do I always do that?

I never really thought about it I guess. It’s just what I do. Work lunch means I fill up, take advantage, overindulge and go all out! It's only once a month, and this is my thank you for working so hard from my employer. I should enjoy it!

Except, I didn't really enjoy it.

This just dawned on me as I was eating a huge piece of greasy nasty lasagna. If I had been eating while reading my book like I usually do I'm not sure it would have occured to me that this is not really what I want to eat.

Well no more! Next time they buy us lunch depending on what it is I might just bring my own lunch anyway. Next time, if I choose to partake, I am only going to take a serving size that I need and would normally eat. Next time I am not going to feel bad about saying ‘thanks but no thanks’.

I want to be mindful about my food, and only eat what I want and what is good for me.

Do you ever find yourself eating foods you don't really want just because it's there?

If you are interested this article about mindful eating has some interesting tips, check it out 7 Ways to Eat Mindfully.

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