Sunday, March 13, 2011

Getting To Know You

Thought it would be fun to give you a chance to share a little about yourself with me and your fellow readers! Please answer the following questions in the comments below (it's easy, you don't have to be a subscriber or have a blogger account, just comment away!). Or you can skip the questions and just share with us what you think we should know.  :)

  1. Name?
  2. Birth month or astrological sign?
  3. What kind of music do you have in your car right now?
  4. What did you have for dinner last night?
  5. What are you reading right now?
  6. Favorite childhood memory?
  7. Favorite sport/activity/hobby?
  8. If you could be any animal what animal would you be?
  9. What's your dream vacation?
  10. What's your biggest pet peeve?
Well I guess it's only fair that I answer these questions too huh?  OK, here I go...
  1. Jennefer
  2. B-Day January 25th and that makes me an Aquarius 
  3. I do the Pandora thing with my smart phone in the car, so whatever is on there.
  4. Last night was spicy black beans and rice and a nice big salad, yum!
  5. Right now I am reading a cheesy old bodice ripper romance Bitter Passion, Sweet Love (guilty pleasure, if bodice rippers are your thing too, come join my group on GoodReads even if it's not, come join and be my friend anyway!)
  6. 6 Flags!
  7. Ummm... hello? Running! And yoga, and tennis, and reading and, and, and....
  8. Maybe a cheetah because they can run super fast!  I wonder what that feels like? :)
  9. One day I am going to make the big trip to Israel, one day...
  10. Oh, I don't know, I'm pretty easy going.  Maybe slow drivers in the fast lane?
Your turn!
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    1. Aubrey
      Mostly I have Broadway musicals in my car, and of course Husband's rap music.
      Last night I ate burritos I made for my fam.. Mmm.
      Right now I'm searching for a copy of A Tale of Two Cities, cause I saw the play this week and o.m.g. it was awesome.
      My biggest pet peeve is bad advertising!!!


    2. Name? Amanda

      Birth month or astrological sign? February, Pisces

      What kind of music do you have in your car right now? Country, which is weird for me. I was never a fan of country but sort of got into recently somehow. But only a little into it ;) I still like A LOT of other stuff more.

      What did you have for dinner last night? Don't remember, but I know it was some restaurant something. I eat out way too much!

      What are you reading right now? A silly romance that I love because it's mindless and distracts me from school :) It's called "Once and Always" and it's by Judith McNaught.

      Favorite childhood memory? I have lots, but riding around on the go-cart Dad made for us is up there!

      Favorite sport/activity/hobby? Sport would be Running, Hobby would be painting.

      If you could be any animal what animal would you be? A Dolphin

      What's your dream vacation? Anywhere that I can be with my hubby, drinking good drinks, eating good food, and enjoying whatever scenery there is through walks and hikes and such. It's less about the place and more about the people for me on this one, I think.

      What's your biggest pet peeve? I try not to have any :) Things bug me sometimes but I generally try to let it go quickly rather than hold on to it as a "pet peeve"

    3. Hi girls! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

    4. Name?
      Cynthia, but I also like to be called Cindy.

      Birth month or astrological sign?
      November 11 (11/11! It's kind of egotistical, but those numbers have become my favorite...because, well, I feel very lucky being born on that day), which means I'm the mysterious Scorpio ;) (I now think that zodiac signs are a little silly to be honest, even though at times they do seem to describe a lot of seemingly coincidental things).

      What kind of music do you have in your car right now?
      It's a little hard to say, actually. I have mostly mixed CDs that range from bass-filled dance music to RnB songs. To be honest though, the CDs have mostly dance music, so I guess that's my favorite!

      What did you have for dinner last night?
      A big salad with turkey-sausage and bacon crumbles (yum!) I'm actually working on this pretty important diet (I'd tell you the story, but it's a looong and emotional one for me!)

      What are you reading right now?
      I hate to say it, but I haven't been reading too much lately...books, at least. I do read a lot of articles though (and I mean a LOT). If I do start reading my book series again, I'd be reading the Tiger series by Cathleen Haouk (I'm sorry if I mispelled her last name!)

      Favorite childhood memory?
      This is a bit of a toughie. But, I'll give it a whirl--my favorite childhood memory had to be when I met my bestest friend in the whole world in the first grade (we've known each other an amazing 12 years now!)

      Favorite sport/activity/hobby?
      Writing, reading, writing, reading, writing--must I go on? Oh, and collecting old pennies!

      If you could be any animal what animal would you be?
      Sounds typical, but I'd be some kind of cat. Preferably house cats, because they have the easiest lives ever (let's be honest!).

      What's your dream vacation?
      This is also a toughie. I'm a bit (understatement) of an introvert, but if I must choose SOMETHING...It would be on a private island, somewhere in the middle of the ocean where it's the perfect temperature all day, every day. Clear, light-blue waters, where there's a beautiful little house with huge windows and surrounded with flowers, bushes, trees...heck, I'd want to live there more than vacation!

      What's your biggest pet peeve?
      Speeders. And tailgaters! But mostly speeders. It just irks me that people think they can zoom down the road like a maniac...the worst part is, a lot of them hardly get caught, or if they do, they have hardly enough speeding tickets! (not that I'm a big fan of "law enforcement officers," but...that's the one thing I'd wish they actually enforced on, at least where I live!)

      Wow, I love this blog you made, Jennifer! It just popped into my head, thinking "hmm, people always say ' practice, practice, practice,' there a shorter way to--" -Gasps- "Practicex3!" Then, I thought, "Oh lordie lord, please let there no one havin' take that website idea!" I typed it into the address bar, and I was like "man! Lucky!" Taha! Still, I wish this will become more popular one day! I'd love to be a part of it.

      I posted myself as anonymous because I didn't feel like signing into any accounts (I'm lazy, I knoow!) But, you can email me at