Saturday, April 16, 2011

Patio Gardens, Optical Illusions, Free Shoes, Fundraising and Motivation

Some of the great stuff I came across this week:
  • Turn a pallet into a garden - Who says you can't grow your own herbs or flowers just because you are limited on space?  This is so great especially for small spaces and cheap!
  • The spinning dancer illusion - This is so freaky!  When I first look at it she looks like she is spinning clockwise from above for me, how about you?
  • Merrell Barefoot Trailglove Giveaway -Donald over at Running and Rambling is giving away a pair of these awesome minimalist running shoes, woot!  I have tried these on and been thinking about picking up a pair.  Maybe you or I will win a pair.  Go check out his review and leave him a comment for your chance to win.
  • Running to make a difference- Runners are all motivated by different things.  Some like, Jen from JenLovesKev, use running and racing as not only a way to improve their own lives but a way to make a difference in the world too.  Go check her out and give her a little support, either by donation or a supportive comment :)
  • Last but not least, check out this amazing video about the St. George Marathon. I just dare you to watch it an not be inspired!  This will be the races 35th running on October 1st.  Sounds like an awesome race in an amazing place.  I am seriously thinking about registering for this this year.


    1. Love this! That pallet garden is so cool. And that dancer thing is a total trip! I saw her going clockwise and I couldn't even figure out how it could go any other way until I looked at the colored illustration. Weird!

      Thanks fo sharing :)

    2. Isn't that freaky!? I was the same way, I just couldn't see how she could possibly be interpreted as going the other way until I looked at the one with the colored lines.

      The brain is an interesting thing. I wonder what it is that makes different people see it one way more than the other. Or is it just random and how your eye happens to catch it the first time you see it? I wonder...