Tuesday, May 3, 2011

45 Reasons It's Great to be a Runner

"Jogging is very beneficial.  It's good for your legs and your feet.  It's also very good for the ground.  It makes it feel needed."  ~Charles Schulz, Peanuts

  1. Have fun
  2. Build confidence
  3. Release stress
  4. Release anger and aggression
  5. get an endorphin high
  6. lose weight
  7. see your neighborhood and city from a new perspective
  8. take the stairs without huffing and puffing
  9. have better sex
  10. learn how to blow a snot rocket
  11. Clear your head
  12. Brainstorm new ideas
  13. Connect with the larger community of runners
  14. have an excuse to eat more carbs
  15. keep up with your kids
  16. site see all day on vacation with energy to spare
  17. get a great ass
  18. Learn discipline
  19. hike more easily than you used too
  20. impress your friends a family
  21. have more fun shopping for cloths
  22. get compliments
  23. earn some awesome race medals
  24. get better sleep
  25. enjoy desert without feeling guilty
  26. tone your muscles
  27. get some nature therapy
  28. be a good example to your family
  29. have another excuse to go shoe shopping
  30. learn to love your body
  31. get some awesome race T-Shirts to show off
  32. challenge yourself
  33. create a stronger heart
  34. learn to appreciate how amazing your body really is
  35. push death back a few years (or decades)
  36. start your day on the right foot
  37. clear your head after work and start your evening on the right foot
  38. create stronger lungs
  39. reach your goals
  40. create and break personal records
  41. travel to amazing race destinations
  42. get great legs
  43. learn what you are really made of
  44. experience places you vacation too in a new way
  45. gain a better understanding and connection to your body
Just off the top of  my head that is :)  Did I miss anything?


  1. Nice!!! Have I mentioned how much I love your quotes? I love them. This post totally got me motivated again! I didn't buy the shoes... too broke! But I lusted over them, maybe that's enough? lol I've still got my old junior high gym shoes... not worn at all! :) I'll use those!

  2. Absolutely! Use whatever you have just to get moving! I used an old pair of cross trainers I had lying around for several months before I bought "real" running shoes.

    A word of advise for shoe shopping, listen to your feet not the sales guy. I learned that the hard way, got sold on some arch support inserts that did more damage than good.

    I'm glad you like the quotes! I LOVE quotes, they make me happy :)