Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bin Laden, Garden Tips, Mothers Day Gifts, Going Veggie and Proper Fueling

Some of the best stuff I read on the web this week:

  • Stop celebrating Bin Laden's death- I understand why Bin Laden's death is such a big deal and why so many people let out a big sigh of relief this past week.  I really do.  And yet, it hurts my heart.  I believe all life is sacred and this article really put into words what I have been feeling about the topic this past week.
  • What you need and don't need to keep a garden- I have been thinking a lot about starting a vegetable garden and this article gave me some great ideas about how to do it on the cheap.
  • Need a gift for mom?- Give her what she truly wants most of all and earn yourself some good karma.
  • Eat your veggies- Ever wonder why someone would want to give up meat?  The author of this article did a great job of listing many wonderful reasons to embrace a meat free diet without being preachy. Check it out for the awesome vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe if nothing else!
  • Is your diet eating you alive? - This is awesome insight from an insulin dependent diabetic that applies to all runners (or active people) about fueling properly for your workouts.

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