Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting "In Shape", Anti-Diet, The Brand Religion and Summer Sunscreens

"I don't think I realized that 'in shape' isn't a place.  You don't go there once and get to stay as long as you'd like with no future effort."  
Some of the best stuff I read on the net this week:
  • Run, Amy, Run - This is a great little blog and I particualarly enjoyed this post.  It's a good reminder to us all that good health is not a one time decision but a long term commitment.  It's a daily practice! This post is also the source of the above quote.
  • The Anti-Diet Success Story - A great inspirational personal story about choosing to create a healthy life instead of obsessing about a diet! 
  • Brand Loyalty as a Religion - I found this article absolutely fascinating and I'm sorry I missed the BBC special to learn more.  After reading about that, this post seemed all the more profound to me.  Who is using you for free advertizing? 
  • Summer is here - Protect your skin and choose a good sunscreen! Read what consumer reports rate at the best sunscreen this summer.  You might also want to consider what the Environmental Working Group has to say on the topic as well.
Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend my dear readers!

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