Saturday, June 4, 2011

RIP Food Pyramid, Half Marathons and Full Marathons, Take a Staycation and Western States

"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously.  This is how character is built." 
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Here is some of the best stuff I read around the net this week:

  • History of the Food Pyramid- In case you haven't heard, the USDA released a new food icon on Thursday.  There have been some interesting reactions to the new icon, I particularly enjoyed this piece that addresses the protein issue (fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and... protein?  Protein is a nutrient, not a food. It's just weird!)
  • How Not to Run a Half Marathon- Ever thought about running a half marathon?  If not, you should! It's long enough to make you feel like a hard core runner but short enough that it isn't to tough to find the time to train for even with a busy schedule. Check out this post about Matt's experience with a half that is special to him and he also offers a free ebook with tips on what to avoid during training.   
  • Marathon Training- Ready for an even bigger challenge?  I really enjoyed this interview Pete Rea. It includes lots of good training advise.  It gave me some things to think about regarding my training even though I am not currently training for a full Marathon.
  • Take a Staycation!- If you are on a budget but still want to have some fun this summer this is a great resource! 85 bloggers across the country put together this guide of fun things to do in different cities.  
  • This is the trailer for a new movie about the Western States Endurance Run. It's a 100 mile race through intense conditions.  I will probably never run it but I can't wait to see the  movie about it!

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