Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All the Money in the World by Laura Vanderkam: A Book Review

"Money spent on one thing is money not spent on something else, and these choices have consequences for our happiness" ~Laura Vankerkam

Since having a baby I certainly don't have as much free time as I used to, but I try to prioritize and make sure to do the things that matter to me the most with the time I do have.  The laundry might pile up a bit, grocery shopping might not get done, I watch hardly any TV anymore but you better believe I can find the time to read!

I recently flew through All the Money in the World by Laura Vanderkam in about a week or so.  Pretty quick considering that I just squeezed in some reading time during naps and in the evenings when I could. 

That is really saying something considering that I kind of hate finance books and the like. I always come away feeling down.  Feeling like I am not doing enough, haven't saved enough, and just generally negative about my money situation.

This really bothers me because I have no reason to feel negative about my money situation.  I am truly blessed and all my needs are met.  So I usually just try to avoid reading financial literature.  It's important that I feel good about the abundance that I have in my life and not be so stressed about using it wisely.

All the Money in the World, however, left me feeling very positive about money.  Feeling empowered and inspired instead of down on myself. It's so refreshing to read a finance book that focuses on aligning your resources with your values.

The book is divided into three main sections: Getting, Spending, and Sharing all with the focus of how money impacts happiness.  There is good advise as well as happiness studies to back up the ideas shared.

"Don't Scrimp More, Make More" is the chapter that really spoke to me the most.  I love the idea of using an entrepreneurial mindset to find rewarding work that can also fund your fun and joyful spending habits.  Entrepreneurship vs frugalness, empowerment vs. deprivation, offence vs. defense, I like it!

Money is just money after all. No matter how much or how little you have this book will help you learn to think about it differently.

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