Monday, October 15, 2012

Organization and Simplification

This month one of my favorite food bloggers is doing a series called organizing in October.  You should check it out.  She has me thinking about what I could move around in my own kitchen.  I have so many things in places just because that's where I stuck them the first time they came into the house and not because that is where they make the most sense.

But then just thinking about how new things come into my home and get "stuck" certain places made me think that maybe I should just be more careful about bringing new things into my home!

You really don't need a lot of things to cook a good healthy meal.  Instead of helping us be more efficient in the kitchen a lot of those fun little gadgets just turns into something that needs to be organized. And then kept organized.  It just creates one more thing to do and then keep up on and occupy a certain amount of head space when really it might just be easier to do a massive clearing out and simplifying.  Throw some stuff out or donate it or give it away.

In her most recent post in this series Katie talks about having a few cleared out cabinets and needing to figure out what to do with them so they don't just get filled with clutter again.  I say maybe she should just leave them empty! Who needs more stuff or to have the stuff you have even more spread out?

Today Katie asks her readers if they can find at least one thing that needs to be moved where it is more functional.  I want to just put it out there that maybe today we could also find at least one thing that needs to be tossed out or donated or given away!

The less stuff you have the less need there is to keep things organized into nice little boxes and compartments.  If you have a dozen things in a category you need to organize and optimize space.  If you have only one or two things in a category you can just throw them on their shelf willy-nilly and it will still be nicely organized.  See my point?  Am I making sense here?

So my challenge to you is to organize a bit of your kitchen not by optimizing space or putting things in nice little compartments but by just getting rid of it.

Try to get rid of the things you don't really need or use.  Don't kid yourself.  If you forgot you had it you don't need it.  If you don't use it weekly you probably don't really need it.  And if you never use it because it's too much of a pain to find it, well maybe you could find a more useful place for it, or maybe you don't really need it.

I have some work I could do in the  pantry of my own kitchen.  I have an awesome walk in pantry with a lot of space which is a mixed blessing because I have plenty of room for everything I need, but I also have plenty of room for stuff I don't really need as well. There is something on every shelf in there and I am pretty sure there doesn't need to be.

Challenge accepted!  I think I am going to try to do some work in my pantry this week and I will be sure to post some before and after pictures when I do!

What do you think you could get rid of to help organize and simplify your home?

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