Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Bountiful Basket Part II

I think I did pretty good with my bounty of fruits and veggies.  We ate or dehydrated pretty much all of it and I didn't let anything go bad!  I still have an acorn squash and a grapefruit but those will more than likely be gone by tomorrow.

So what did I do with it all?

I bet you are wondering what on earth I planned to do with all those tomatoes I ordered. I dehydrated them and then put them through my food processor to make dried tomato base!  Just mix with a little water and *poof* you have a tomato base for soups, chili  stews or sauces.  With a little oxygen absorber packet in the jars to keep them fresh this should last me a good long while.
Tomatoes in various stages of drying
50 lbs of tomatoes turned to dust (or as close as my cheep little food processor could get them)
The apples and oranges and grapefruit were mostly eaten as snacks.  I used a couple oranges to make a breakfast salad a couple different days with some of the mixed greens. I saved the orange peels to make orange power cleaner and I am super excited to give that a try around the house!

The baby and I had the steamed broccoli and blueberries one day for breakfast, plus a couple eggs for me.  Odd but delicious!  I actually do steamed veggies and eggs for breakfast a lot.

I made baba ghanoush with the eggplant - yummy!
It might  not look so yummy, but it was I promise! :)
I had a few more salads for lunches and dinners to use up the greens and we dehydrated most of the red bell peppers for future use in soups, stews or chili. I also dried the herbs in my dehydrator so they will keep for a while.

And last but not least, what did I do with this thing?

I found a recipe from Martha Stewart for Celeriac and Apple Mash, it has a granny smith apple, the celeriac and yukon gold potatoes mashed with butter and blue cheese.  Sounded like a wonderful side to pair with a steak.
It wasn't.  It was kind of gross.  I won't do that again.  (I should have used the recipe you left me in the comments Sarah!).

Oh well you win some you loose some.  But next time I see a celeriac at the grocery store I will at least know what it is and maybe I will be brave enough to try it again!  :)

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