Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some of My Eight Month Old's Favorite Things

There are entire stores dedicated to toys, educational and otherwise, for kids and babies and yet often it is the most simple things they find interesting.  You know, I'm talking about the baby or kid who opens up a birthday gift that walks and talks and has some sort of remote control and spinning propeller on its head and yet the kid is found playing with the box or wrapping 15 min later.

It's funny.  You want your kids to have all the neat stuff and yet they can play with and learn from just about anything, no special equipment required.

Here a few of my sons favorite things to play with.

Simple linking rings

TV remote

Some favorite books

My phone

Cups of any kind, mine especially but he has some of his own too :)

Food!  I wanted to take a picture of his messy tray after a meal for this one, but he actually usually cleans his tray which is really a truer testament to how much he really loves to eat!  It's a fun learning experience every time!

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