Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Day in the Life: May 13th 2013

A day in the life of this breastfeeding, cloth diapering, part time EC-ing stay at home mom of a 10 month old baby.

I really wish I had done one of these when my son was younger, maybe three or four months.  That would have been a completely different story!  It would be interesting to compare.  Maybe I will have to do this again in a year or so and see how things change in my life as he gets older.

1:10 AM Baby wakes for the third time tonight, I bring him to bed with me to co-sleep for the rest of the night

5:45 AM Baby seems to be up for the day, he start crawling around the bed and making happy babble sounds, "I'm up! Let's go Mom!"

5:55 AM I manage to wake up enough to get out of bed, the baby and I head to the bathroom and sit on our respective potties and both have our morning pee. I hand him his baby toothbrush to chew on while I brush my teeth and then help him finish the job- he likes to be like Mom and do what I do but he doesn't care for it at all when I try to help.

6:00 AM We head to his bedroom to have our morning cuddle/play/diaper free time,  we sit in his rocker for his morning nursing session and he is farting up a storm so I put him on the potty again in his room for a nice big poop! 

6:14 AM The baby poops some more on the floor while he is playing - this never happens!- I clean it up and put him in a diaper (if he won't sit on the potty long enough to finish his poops we have no hope for catching pee's today) he gets upset at me putting a diaper on him, crys and asks to nurse (by pulling on my top)

6:29 AM The baby gets frustrated with a toy, crys and asks to nurse - he seems to be a little cranky today

6:36AM We head downstairs, today is diaper wash day so I get those started on a cold wash and soak and start steaming some veggies and slicing up a cantaloupe for breakfast while the baby plays - actually he mostly follows me around and fusses, not uncomon but he seems more than just needy today, I'm starting to think I should have tried to get him back to sleep when he woke this morning, he doesn't seem quite ready for the day

7:08 AM Today breakfast is a mish mash of left over grilled chicken, taco meat, mixed steamed veggies, cantaloupe, a couple egg free grain free muffins, and some homemade coconut milk yogurt (recipe to come soon!). We eat outside on the patio, it's a beautiful morning. Unconventional but this is a typical breakfast for us - meat and veggies + maybe some fruit, the yogurt and muffins are a yummy addition for today.

7:29 AM Clean up breakfast, start the diapers on a hot wash, head to the living room to play with the baby

8:10 AM Put the diapers on one final hot rinse

8:14 AM The baby is loosing it, we head upstairs for an early nap - I should have tried to get him back to sleep when he woke up this morning, I know now he wasn't really ready to get up yet, hopefully the early nap won't throw him off for the rest of the day - I read some blog posts on my phone while I nurse and rock him in his dark room and he drifts off to sleep

8:26 AM I head downstairs and start the draft of this post, hang up the diapers on the line to dry, some more blog reading, work on the baby's Amazon wishlist for his birthday and do some online shopping for a birthday invitation

9:47 AM The husband wakes up and heads downstairs for his own breakfast (he works nights and sleeps late)

10:31AM The baby wakes up from his nap - a little more than 2 hours is a great nap for him!- we nurse, diaper change, and get him dressed for the day

10:42 AM I hop in the shower while the baby plays with Daddy (I love that I get this time to myself un-rushed every day and my boys always get to spend a little one on one time together)

11:07 AM I head back downstairs and play with the baby while the husband gets his shower, the baby is being cranky so I pop him on my hip and unload the dishwasher and start a load of laundry - he likes to be carried around while I do household tasks so believe it or not sometimes we do stuff like this as entertainment as much as anything

11:49 AM The three of us head out to do some errands (again for entertainment as much as anything), we go to the bank then head to the mall to play in the baby play area

He was so very brave climbing on top of that turtle, going through the little tunnels and climbing all the way up one of the slides all by himself!  He watches the other kids and you can tell he really wants to join in and play like the big kids!

1:13 PM Baby is ready for a nap (a little early again), diaper change, nurse, sing, read on my phone

1:27 PM The husband and I watch an episode of Family Guy while we eat lunch, we picked up Wendys on the way home, I got the apple pecan salad - pretty good, not great, then I lay down on the couch for a little snooze myself

2:23 PM The baby is awake again, we nurse and diaper change and head downstairs to put the laundry in the dryer and start another load.  The husband heads off to work and I am wondering how I am going to keep my cranky baby happy until bedtime at 7.

3:43 PM Since the baby missed lunch with us I make him a little snack of steamed carrots and peas with coconut oil and garlic herb seasoning - he loves the carrots but the peas not so much- I have some tortilla chips, homemade salsa and some of the baby's peas

4:11 PM We head upstairs to put away the laundry from the dryer and the diapers from the cloths line, change his diaper again and try a little potty sit but nothing this time

4:54 PM Running out of things to do around the house so we head out for some window shopping to keep us both sane, we go to Babies-R-Us and Bed Bath and Beyond, he usually loves to just be out and people watch but today he is a mess, not happy in the cart, not happy in the baby carrier, pushing away from me trying to get out of my arms, this is border line temper tantrum crying/fussing - he is never like this, he is having a rough day so we give up on being out and head home around 6 and I wonder what on earth I am going to do to keep us both happy and entertained until bedtime at 7

6:13 PM The baby fell asleep on the 5 min car ride home, guess we are having an early bedtime tonight! Diaper change, nurse, rock, sing, read on my phone- he is out for the night within 15 min and I am just praying this does not mean I will be up at 4: 30 tomorrow morning

6:31 PM I head downstairs, read some more, start baking a spaghetti squash for my dinner, work on this blog post

7:12 PM Dinner is ready! Spaghetti squash and a sauce I made with leftover sweet Italian sausage and bell peppers, a can of crushed tomatoes, freeze dried garlic and some random dried herbs I have in the spice cabinet - it turned out awesome! Yummy!  I eat and watch an episode of Duck Dynasty.  More internet reading, work on finishing up this post.

*Side note* Isn't it a little disturbing that I was able to buy a spaghetti squash and a cantaloupe at the same time of year? I'm going to try not to think about it too much today.

9:18 PM The baby wakes up for the first time tonight, I head upstairs and nurse and rock him back to sleep and slip out of his room 5 min later.

9:35 PM I guess he wasn't asleep enough, I head upstairs to try again. I'm out of internet stuff to read on my phone so I start a new romance book on my Kindle app to keep me entertained. How did Mom's survive before smart phones?

9:45 PM I sneak out of his room again hopping he will sleep for at least 4 hours this time (probably not).  I head to my room, get into my PJ's, finish the first chapter of the book I started and go to sleep myself.

11:04 PM The baby wakes up again and I bring him to bed with me to co-sleep for the rest of the night.  Looks like he is not going to settle in for a good long stretch of sleep on his own.  He wakes up a few more times during the night but I couldn't tell you when or for how long.  The whole point of having him in my bed is so I can nurse him back to sleep without really waking up all the way myself.  It works for us.

*note* He breastfeeds way more than I listed here!  He is on and off all day long, every time I sit down or am in close proximity (at least at home, when we are out there are other things to keep his attention) it won't be long before he asks to nurse for a little "snack" or really I think it's more for a reassuring little cuddle, today even more than usual. It would have been way too much to list every single time this happens during our day!  This is life of breastfeeding an older baby, or at least my older baby :) 

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