Monday, June 24, 2013

Fathers Day

I've never known a man that took to fatherhood the way you have.

I have been so amazed and grateful at how involved you are.  Not just in the fun happy play time stuff but really involved in all the nitty gritty, frustrating, exhausting moments too.

You jumped right in with all the diapers, burping, spit up messes, walking, bouncing, shushing and everything else without a word. You have completely supported some of the more 'out there' stuff we do like cloth diapering, early potty training, teaching sign language, allowing our baby to feed himself solids, and extended breastfeeding.  I know you are fully on board and not just because you are going with the program but because you really believe these things are best for our son.  I really feel like we are figuring out this parenting thing together and not like I have to coach or encourage you along and that is amazing and wonderful.  I'm so lucky and grateful. 

I know that being a Dad is hard and you do it beautifully.  It's no small task but you are man enough for the job and I love you for it.  Thank you.

*I have been catching up on sleep in my free time instead of writing but I wanted to make sure I put this out there even if it is late. Better late than never right?*

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