Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Mr. Mister Update

Everyday Mr. Mister is turning into a kid more and more and less and less baby.  It's amazing and weird to watch this happen right before my eyes. He is nearly 17 months old now.  How did that happen?  I look back at pictures of him as a newborn and think 'where did that baby go?', crazy!

Just Like Mom and Dad
More and more I see him do things to mimic us like 'working' on the car with his Dad. I have also seen him brush his hair like Mom, take some TP to wipe his bum over his cloths, try to write with pens, want to hold and try to use my debit card at checkouts, 'help' work on Mom and Dad's puzzle and a ton of other things of that nature.

It's just so darn sweet!

I was recently reading this amazing article about children and play (seriously, you should read it, it is really interesting).  One of the things the author talks about is how all mammals play in this way.  They need the chance to mimic adult activities, that's the best possible way for them to learn how to be an adult. And the more complicated the skill set need to be an adult the more the baby animals need to play. Adults can't teach it to them, they have to figure it out on their own.

It is important work this play business!

Mr. Mister has over 150 signs at this point and I don't even know how many words.  It is so amazing and awesome!  I feel like recently over the last couple of weeks he has taken some big steps in his overall language skills. 

He puts multiple signs together into more complete thoughts a lot more now.  For example he will sign something and then point for clarification.  He also asks questions more now with his signs.  He will sign things like DOG+WHERE or sign MORE with a confused look on his face if he wants me to repeat myself or clarify what I am telling him.

It is really really interesting to see this evolve in him. I love that I have this level of communication with my toddler.  I know I have said it before but it is just amazing!

Or not.  We recently went through a pretty bad patch with sleep.  I think he hit his 18 month sleep regression early.  I actually hesitate to use the past tense when talking about this.  I haven't felt like I needed to nap when he did the last few days but I'm not going to get used to it. 

I'm not going to hash it all out blow by blow but it has been really rough.  It was as bad as his sleep has ever been and a good sleeper Mr. Mister is not.  I felt as tired and worn down as I did when he was tiny but it was kind of worse because it caught me so off guard.  You expect to not sleep with a newborn and be up for hours at a time in the middle of the night, not with a one and a half year old. 

I'm learning more and more every day that you just can't ever get used to anything with a young child, it could all turn on a dime. 

I Doooooooo!
Mr. Mister has started reponding to questions by saying "I do!".  It is how he says yes.  He does not say it to every question or in every situation, only when he wants to say yes or reinforse something we said.

"Do you want some lunch?", "I do!".  "Would you like to watch Signing Time?", "I do!". After he signs GRAPES I might say "Ok, lets get some grapes to eat.", "I do!".

It is so funny and so uniquely Mr. Mister. Sometimes it is soft and quite, other times it is loud and forceful and sometimes he really draws it out "I, I, I dooooooooo...!"  I love it.

Don't ask me why but Mr. Mister is one of my nicknames for my little guy at home so I guess I have decided that's what I am going to call him around here. It's about time I gave him an alias for my blog.

By the way, I started an Instagram feed so if you want to see more pictures of the back of Mr. Mister's head be sure to look me up and follow @Mrs_Mamma

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