Tuesday, March 4, 2014

20 Minutes Sitting in a Parking Lot With My Camera

Recently Mr. Mister fell asleep in the car on our way to run some errands.  It was a crazy day and he hadn't had a nap so I sat in the car with him and let him sleep as long as he wanted in his car seat.  He can use all the sleep he can get.
To pass the time I pulled out my camera and tried to take as many different kinds of pictures as I could and practice my photography skills.  I tried to challenge myself to think creatively and see what I could see without moving from my seat.  This is what I managed to come up with.

I played with my new zoom 50-200 mm  lens - this is at 200mm

This is at 85mm

Played with depth of field

Looked down low

and up high

Is is just me or are these parking lot lines kind of interesting?

Got a bit of an abstract vibe maybe?
and of course I had to take a few images of cars - parts of parked cars

and moving cars

None of these are particularly compelling or interesting images I know.  Even still when Mr. Mister woke up I felt refreshed and excited about my photography.  This is why I carry my DSLR everywhere with me.  So that I can take advantage of every opportunity I can to be creative.  It sits in my bag unused many days  but when I am ready it's there for me to do things like this. It is so important for me. 

As a full time stay at home Mom the days can sometimes run into each other.  Don't get me wrong, I love spending all day every day with Mr. Mister.  He is great company and an amazing person.  But even still, things can feel a little stagnant sometimes. I really think finding time to be a little creative helps me feel less stuck in my life overall.

I'm so thankful for this space to have a place to share.  It helps me take that creativity to the next step.  This way these pictures won't get forgotten on my hard drive forever.  They are out there.  Published for the world to see.

It makes me happy.  Thank you.

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